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In today's blog, we are excited to present our new product launched this month, which is a topical cream for the relief of dry eyes. First, let´s talk a little more about the condition itself, commonly known as dry eye.
Dry eye is a painful and irritating condition. It occurs when the eyes do not secrete enough tears, leading to itching, weeping and burning sensations. There is often a feeling of grit and vision can become temporarily difficult.

Dry eye is more common as age increases and especially frequent during menopause due to hormonal changes. Other external factors such as the use of screens, excessive exposure to air conditioning, use of contact lenses, prior eye surgery and smoking can add to or even cause the condition. In addition, certain autoimmune diseases can cause dry eyes, and some drugs encourage the condition to develop.

One of the main fields of application of DHA is ophthalmology as it is the only Omega3 present in the retina. Therefore, it is not surprising that in dry eye, clear improvements are seen after DHA supplementation. At BrudyLab we have been carrying out clinical trials in large populations with dry eye for many years. We have seen significant improvements both in terms of symptoms and inflammatory parameters in tears (see our trials for more information).

To date, dry eye treatment has been with oral supplementation of BrudySEC and the application of artificial tears such as BrudyAL for an instant relief.

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DHA is a superb supplement for athletes, and should be strongly considered in conjunction with any athletic training programme.

Scientific studies display several clear benefits of supplementing with DHA. As our food chain and farming methods have changed so dramatically in recent years, our natural access to DHA has diminished greatly, leaving our cells with a worrying deficit of this healthy fat. Without DHA, our bodies are susceptible to free radicals and the related oxidative stress they cause. For athletes this can easily contribute to injuries along with premature aging. However, supplementation with Brudy´s DHA displays clear benefits. It greatly increases the generation of intracellular glutathione (between 200 and 300%). Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, capable of neutralizing free radicals and the related oxidative stress.

Intense physical exercise generates these damaging free radicals – but - a cell that is well supplied with DHA, will be able to cope with this excess of oxidative stress. Brudy conducted a clinical trial in elite cyclists, which showed a clear decline in markers of oxidative stress after three months of supplementation. (This compared to cyclists who had not been supplemented).

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It might be almost 40 years that we don’t eat the same way as our grandparents did. We don’t follow the Mediterranean diet which could be considered as one of the healthiest. We might ask ourselves of what has happened that caused us to lose those healthy eating habits?

Many factors could be seen as responsible for this social change.