First company worldwide in producing concentrated DHA Triglyceride. Since 1999.

BrudyLab is a wholly Spanish owned research and development (R&D), affiliated to BrudyTech, a biotech company founded in Barcelona in 1999. BrudyTech is the first company worldwide in producing concentrated DHA Triglyceride.

Our highly experienced and focussed team of experts constantly investigate product requirements in a range of sectors such as food, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical, among others.

Our main goal, and one we are passionate about, is to manage research projects that ultimately generate totally new and highly suitable products for niche market, such as …cystic fibrosis, oncology, anti aging, ophtalmology, neurology, among others.

After eleven years of ceaseless research and an investment of approximately €10,000,000 of self-financed funds, BrudyLab has taken its research into Omega 3 a huge step forward. Working with the Universities of Murcia, Madrid, Almeria, Barcelona and at Laboratori General d’Assaigs i Investigacions (LGAI) of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the company has extensively researched the specifics of the DHA molecule on humans.

As a result, BrudyLab is proud to offer its unique DHA-Trygliceride, Tridocosahexaenoína-AOX, a revolutionary nutritional ingredient. This ingredient is ethically sourced and produced with cutting edge technology of the highest standard to encapsulate a product that actually slows down cell ageing. It is a unique and optimal source of DHA, offering extremely high bioavailability.

Our enzymatic synthesis preserves the highest quality of our DHA triglyceride as it doesn't damage the double bonds which confer the DHA its properties. Our Triglyceride has a high proportion of DHA in the SN-2 position, which ensures its incorporation into the cell membrane.

We follow rigorous control of contaminants by ensuring that our DHA-rich oil is free from any environmental contaminants, including pesticide residues, polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals and microbial contaminants. This monitoring allows continuous compliance with international standards, such as the Codex Alimentario, GOED and the European Pharmacopoeia.

Our DHA enjoys the international "Friend of the Sea" seal, which guarantees that it has been obtained from controlled fishing, known as "Sustainable Oil".

At Brudylab we are committed to research, having participated in approximately 20 clinical trials and studies

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As a result of our commitment to research, BrudyLab has 1 european and 2 worldwide patents granted for the treatment of tumor diseases, lipodystrophy and cellular oxidative damage.

Patent WO 2006120120 A1: Use of docosahexaenoic glycerides for the treatment of tumorous diseases

Patent WO 2004050077 A1: Use of docosahexanoic acid as active substance for the treatment of lipodystrophy

Patent WO 2007/071733 A3: Use of dha, epa or dha-derived epa for treating a pathology associated with cellular oxidative damage


Scientific studies and Clinical Trials

At Brudylab we are committed to research, having participated in approximately 20 clinical trials in different medical areas, such as ophthalmology, oncology, sports medicine, HIV, ALS ... and currently participates in several ongoing studies in different Spanish hospitals.

We inform you that the content of this section is exclusively aimed at health professionals. For detailed information on clinical trials and studies conducted with BrudyLab DHA Triglyceride, Tridocosahexaenoína-AOX®, you can access  Brudylab Clinical Trials.