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DHA is a superb supplement for athletes, and should be strongly considered in conjunction with any athletic training programme.

Scientific studies display several clear benefits of supplementing with DHA. As our food chain and farming methods have changed so dramatically in recent years, our natural access to DHA has diminished greatly, leaving our cells with a worrying deficit of this healthy fat. Without DHA, our bodies are susceptible to free radicals and the related oxidative stress they cause. For athletes this can easily contribute to injuries along with premature aging. However, supplementation with Brudy´s DHA displays clear benefits. It greatly increases the generation of intracellular glutathione (between 200 and 300%). Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, capable of neutralizing free radicals and the related oxidative stress.

Intense physical exercise generates these damaging free radicals – but - a cell that is well supplied with DHA, will be able to cope with this excess of oxidative stress. Brudy conducted a clinical trial in elite cyclists, which showed a clear decline in markers of oxidative stress after three months of supplementation. (This compared to cyclists who had not been supplemented).

DHA is also the main fatty acid in the neuronal membranes. Since this influences the neuronal synapse, it will therefore impact response time, reflexes, focus and concentration in sports. The study we conducted in indoor soccer players, showed a clear improvement in the speed of reaction.

Additionally, DHA has other metabolic advantages. It is a great protector of the heart, decreases heart rate, improves insulin resistance, benefits vision, and is a great natural anti-inflammatory. It is proven to improve muscle recovery and range of mobility up to 48 hours after intense physical exercise.

We will shortly present results of another very recent study, which shows highly encouraging results in triathletes.

BrudySport provides 350mg of DHA per capsule in the form of triglyceride, plus vitamins, minerals and natural carotenoids, it is a more complete Omega 3 for any athlete.

BrudySport and athletes – a winning combination!