Brudy NEN EmulsionBrudy NEN Emulsion

BRUDY NEN Emulsion | DHA 1000 30 Packets

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Packets with 1 gram of DHA, ideal for those with difficulties to swallow capsules. Dietary Food for Special Medical Uses

Brudy NEN Emulsion is a Dietary Food for Special Medical Uses, whose consumption requires medical supervision. It is a drinkable emulsion in box of 30 packets with 1g of pure triglyceride of DHA per packet, without vitamins or minerals, banana flavor and sweetened with fructose.

An essential product for those patients who show difficulties for swallowing capsules, such as children under 8 years and older.

For patients requiring dietary therapy with DHA, or a dietary enrichment with this triglyceride, as in amblyopia with a component of DHA deficiency of nutritional cause or alcohol toxicity, Attention Disorders, with and without Hyperactivity, Cancer patients, Cystic Fibrosis, Lipid Malabsorption, age-related macular degeneration, or lipid metabolism disorders.

Fish oil concentrated in Omega 3 fatty acids, fructose, thickeners (tapioca maltodextrin), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), emulsifier (sorbitan monooleate), preservative (sodium benzoate) and aromas (banana).

Gluten and lactose free

   In 4,7g (1 packet)  In 100g
Energetic value:    
 (KJ)  152,0  3217,1
 (Kcal)  36,4  775,5
Protein  0  0
Carbohidrates  0,94  20
 of which frutose  0,46  9,8
Fat  3,63  77,3
 of which:    
 saturated fatty acid (g)  0,3  6,46
 monoinsaturated fatty a. (g) 1,68 35,8
 poliinsaturated fatty a. (g) 1,64 35
22:6ω3, DHA (g)  1  21,3
22:5ω3, DPA (g)  0,15  3,2
22:5ω3, EPA (g)  0,09  1,9
 Salt/sodium (g)  0  0

Mix the content of the packet before opening. No preparation needed. Administer by mouth or enteral tube, alone or mixed with other foods.

WARNINGS: This product should be used under medical supervision. It should not be used as the sole source of food. In pro-or anticoagulant drug treatments, the anticoagulant action of very long chain Omega 3 fatty acids should be taken into account when given in high amounts.


STORAGE: Keep out of the light. Packaging in protective atmosphere. Consume preferably before the date indicated on the packet. Once the packet is opened, consume immediately.